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The latest from eQALY

eQALY is a technology driven solution for Aged Care and Community Care. We focus on leveraging 3rd party technology: smart home devices, wearables, and biometric devices so that your workforce can navigate care using data driven insight. We have built our experience to benefit care organisations, clients and their families.

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The latest with our Pilot Program

Our strategic investor and first customer, CCNB located in Sydney's Northern Beaches, is well on it's way to delivering a new model of care to their clients using eQALY. This month we released the latest version of our dashboard, and adjacent eQALY app. Our mobile app captures insights from family caregivers, the client themselves, and the care workforce. We launched our training programme, tailored to tackle two sides of the onboarding process. Primarily we focus on training and aligning with the operational model at CCNB, and second we are partnering with the team to understand the best way to qualify and deliver this new model of care to clients. Curious to learn more? Contact us.

Australia’s aged-care system is in sore need of transformation. This is becoming increasingly clear. If the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety — whose interim report was titled Neglect — was not enough to demonstrate the need for change, the tragic impact of COVID-19 on residential care has tipped it over the edge.

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