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Piloting for Success

An insight into how we're building success, one organisation at a time.


We started out with a process of co-design, taking the team through product and service design workshops. By working with the key users and stakeholders, we have built a product that is as effective as it is clever. Our focus on design at this level is to create a better experience for the care management workforce, and determine the best outcomes for clients.

Invested in Our Success

In addition to committing to 100x paid clients, CCNB has committed investment and taken equity in our company making this a partnership for impact. CCNB are excited to be a part of the early stages of our development and be early adopters to a technology that will scale and be the new standard in industry moving ahead.

Real World Insights

As we enter into the next phase of the pilot, we're training and on boarding the care management workforce on to our platform. As we move ahead, our training and continuous feedback loop with this cohort teaches us how to design for scale, and design for impact.