What We Do

Technology Driven Care Designed for Home and Independent Living



Data driven care navigation

We enable aged care organisations to identify deterioration early and get the right interventions in place to avoid or slow further progression, increasing the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) of the elderly. It does this through:
1.  Integrating multiple data sources, including in-home activity and biometric devices, combined with feedback from the elderly person, their family & your care workforce to provide a comprehensive view of the person’s health and wellbeing over time in one dashboard.
2.  Triaging clients through analysis of data trends to assess risk, allowing focus on Clients needing the most care. For example, increased variability in activities in the home ( meal preparation or sleep patterns) might indicate disease progression in a client with dementia.
3.  Personalising actions to an individual client, guided by disease specific care pathways, alert specific decision support.
4.   Predicting deterioration and best actions to take – via predictive algorithms as the platform scales

Service Design

Integrating a new model of care with you

We know that the strength of any organisation is it's people, partners and processes. eQALY is committed to delivering more than technology- we're here to partner with you and deliver on impact. We compliment our technology offering with design workshops, training and education for your workforce and for your clients. We believe education empowers change at all levels of an organisation and we integrate the new design with you, and work along side your teams to ensure success.