Our Story

An early stage company delivering impact

As two experienced professionals with different backgrounds, we came together eager to build a business that had the potential to make an impact. 

Andy Laws is an experienced healthcare leader. He is passionate about innovating new models of care enabled by technology to improve patients’ clinical outcomes and quality of life. After supporting GenesisCare's transformation and growth over 7 years, Andy struck out on his own entrepreneurial journey, meeting co-founder Kelly Tagalan through the Antler VC Startup Generator Program.


Kelly Tagalan joined in partnership with Andy pivoting from a long career in not-for-profits and education. Kelly previously led the startup and growth of a national program teaching kids to code, and has rich experience creating and scaling initiatives from the ground up.


As co-founders along with a team of advisors and a growing team, we're excited to lead the way in transforming the quality of life for those ageing in place.



Our partners for technology and data strategy + build. Syntagium are local experts in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are equity partners in the business. 


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Riaan Rheeder

Product and Growth Advisor

Dr. Tuly Rosenfeld

Geriatrician, Clinical Director

Stephen Kyefulumya

Technology Advisor and Investor

John Moore

Brand, Growth and Investment Advisor